Gustaf and Evita was founded in 1994 on Kungsholmen in central Stockholm.

The founders were Catherine Magnusson Erntsen and Paul Tronet.

Paul had many years’ experience in the commercial business and Catherine an education in design and patternmaking, they both shared a common interest for dogs.

The name was a given, Gustaf was Paul’s daschound at the time and Evita Catherine’s Yorkshire terrier.


The thought was to build a new brand for out four-footed friends.

The founding pillars were using soft and water-resistant materials, great fit and of course a design which was pleasing to the eye. Quickly, Gustaf and Evita’s products became popular amongst the dog owners of Stockholm, Sweden.

Mainly for their outstanding quality and also because for the first time, dog owners with an interest in fashion now got a chance to elongate their own image and brand through their beloved dogs.

For the next 10 years Gustaf & Evita had its own studio where customers could order specially tailored products.

Thousands of dogs were measured and the requests were varying. Designs were made for everything from safety vests for K9’s, hunting gear, motorcycle accessories, products for rehabilitating dogs with special needs and dogs just needing that little extra glamour.

Gustaf & Evita’s visions was to offer sophisticated creations which were right in time and trendsetting.

Media quickly got wind of the brand and TV as well as magazines wrote column after column about Sweden’s first fashion centre for dogs.

Throughout the years Gustaf & Evita has taken on fashion shows, commercials, moviemaking and charity which has been very giving and entertaining for the brand.

Gustaf & Evita even had an arrangement with Harrods in London for three years, where products were on show. The interest for the company’s products grew and the selection started selling at various distributers across the country.


Today, Gustaf & Evita is a family run company still working with many of the distributors who were there from the very beginning.

All the designs are made in Sweden and the company has a close-knit group of models always trying out the newest designs on their dogs.

All products are made within the EU and always with an environmental focus for our future.

We pride ourselves with always being far ahead in developing our designs where your thoughts and wishes has always been taken into account.

The popularity of different breeds with different needs has been a great journey for Gustaf & Evita through the years.

Today Gustaf & Evita’s products are found in well-sorted shops around Sweden and Norway as well as this online-Boutique!

Tomorrow is always an exciting concept for us and we promise to continue deliver new collections and products!

Designer and CEO

Catherine Erntsen Magnusson